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      June, 28 2018
Rebecca Howell and Candis Kaaiwela are amazing! They both have worked on my hair to get it the blonde I wanted. It was a transformation from being brunette! I love It! They are so sweet and always accommodating. Will be coming here, on Federal Way permanently!
      May, 28 2018
Every time I come in there is never enough staff and have to always schedule out for a simple cut. Defeats the whole purpose of having a ,"Walk ins Welcome " sign if you can never get a hair cut walking in. This is the fourth time in a year I have been forced to leave because they don't have enough staff.
      May, 04 2018
The receptionist told me to hold on. She did not put me on hold so I could her her conversation. It was not work related, this is very unprofessional in my opinion. Especially because I was not put on hold. I hung up and called back. This time she was attentive and scheduled me. This should not be happening. Even if you’re the boss at the front desk. Aryana 425-512-5617
      April, 08 2018
My daughter and I both got our hair done. My daughter absolutely loves hers. Unfortunately Sean did mine and it is HIRRIBLE I had the most horrible experience at this salon and I am still so amazed that I was not not treated well at once they realized that I was not happy with it.
      March, 31 2018
I am sorry. I would have loved to write a good review for this hair salon but I cannot do that. I had my hair done in March 02. When I was there, my hair dresser spoke to me about very sad personal news and I was very hesitant in being real about how I felt about my new hair once I was able to work with it. I felt bad for what this hair dresser had gone through and I did not want to cause her any bad feelings. My daughter straightened my hair 3 days after my $200 hair cut/color and it was uneven and I still had traces of grey hair, very long ones at that ( the salon seems to think I don’t know the difference between grey growth time and a color gone bad ). After seeing many things wrong with my hair, I finally decided that I needed to call the salon. They were very understanding explaining to me that they had noticed some things that they hair dresser had done with other clients as well and explained to me that they guaranteed their work so I could come back and they would take care of it and they n vet wanted a client to feel like that. Well, I had an appointment scheduled and got stuck on emergency duty at work so I was unable to attend. I called and tried to reschedule and now and today is the 4th week exactly and I cannot get this fixed. I paid more money than I have ever paid and they did not guarantee their work. I am unhappy with my hair and the fact that the color was never done right and the cut was not either. Please make sure that you know when your deadline is and don’t get stuck with something you don’t like, it’s uncomfortable. For the salon, it upsets me about the hair color, yes I was told the color that I wanted was not going to work but that was never my complaint. My complaint is that an unprofessional job was done in the hair. The color was not applied properly nor was it cut evenly. I am disappointed. I will make sure to post the feedback on how my hair was done by the next person who does it. Thanks and be careful!
      March, 04 2018
Mellina is absolutely amazing. I know I can be a handful, especially since I got a Balayage same day appointment. She made my 6 hour experience the best hair experience of my life. She will forever be my only stylist - she never hesitated to answer my questions and talk me through what she was doing. I would reccomend her to anyone and everyone. Thank you!!!
      February, 10 2018
I have had Sami and Leah at this salon and both cared alot about how my hair made me feel ! I can in yesterday just embarrassed about my hair and Sami delivered perfection . She stayed even after her time off to make sure I was happy . The color and cut were more than I could imagine . Thank you ladies!!
      November, 10 2017
I had an appointment a couple days ago with the stylist who has done my hair in the past and done a fantastic job but she didn’t make it in when my appointment was so another stylist said she would do it. It is absolutely the worst cut I’ve ever had I wanted a trim, she cut it short much shorter than I wanted. didn’t use any product in my hair Except for hairspray when she was done.it’s just terrible.
      October, 31 2017
Great staff. Friendly atmosphere and she did a great job cutting my son's hair.
      October, 26 2017
Took my son in for a simple haircut. Didn't know the stylist was off work in few minutes. She cut his hair really quick and made it a choppy mess a few days before school pictures will be taken. Won't be going there anymore. Was a waste of time and money.

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