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      October, 20 2015 - brandon
Certified Review
Greeted in a timely, friendly manner.
My last experience was very poor. When asked how I wanted my haircut I informed the stylist that I wanted my hair cleaned up on the side and brought down to a 1 or 2. The top was already styled as I would wear it to work and to only trim it if needed to even it out. I was in the middle of doing some work on my phone so in a way I am to blame but 2 inches off the top is not a trimming it to make it even. I now have a lovely military style high and tight. I'm the Director of Marketing at QBRC and I interact frequently with the public. Needless to say I'm disappointed. Again, I'm partially to blame for not paying closer attention but once that first two inch cut was made there was no going back. I'm not the type to give a bad review but I believe this will only be viewed by your organization. I wont be returning but hopefully my review can help eliminate another customers from having a similar experience.
Services received :
  • Gentlemen's Haircut with Taylor
      September, 13 2015 - Kathy
Certified Review
Mallory is the sweetest young lady that I have ever met. She is very nice and respectful and always makes me feel comfortable. I love how my hair turns out, every time She never disappoints and answers all my crazy questions..
Services received :
  • Ladies Haircut with Malarie
      September, 08 2015 - Amber
Certified Review
Alyssa is the best! ? :)
Services received :
  • Partial Foil with Alyssa
  • Brow Waxing with Alyssa
      August, 13 2015 - stacey
Certified Review
My stylist Malorie has done such a fantastic job with my new style and I love the color! She is amazing. ...and the girls there are so friendly and upbeat.
Services received :
  • Bleach & Tone Full with Malarie
      July, 07 2015 - Jessi
Certified Review
Kristine B. did a fantastic job on the color and cut! I will definitely be back to see her again.
Services received :
  • Full Foil with Kristine
  • Boys Cut 12 & Under with Kristine
      July, 04 2015 - Gina
Certified Review
Meaghan rocks!! I have short hair, she is excellent at cutting /styling my hair. She also does a foil, platinum blonde, and she does an excellent job!! I am EXTREMELY PICKY and I have been having her as my stylist for a few years and would follow her wherever! Third Demension is a great salon, all the gals are fantastic!
Not one negative ????
Services received :
  • Full Foil with Meaghan
      July, 03 2015 - Elizabeth
Certified Review
Fantastic highlights and hair trim!! Sarah was really patient and paid attention to detail!! I love the way my hair feels and looks! Price was definitely cheaper than what I've paid for in the past. Definitely returning!
Services received :
  • Partial Foil with Sarah
      June, 26 2015 - Isabella
Certified Review
Got my hair cut for the first time in over a year and I am super pleased with it! Sarah did an amazing job. She's super friendly and professional. I will definitely be coming back.
Services received :
  • Ladies Haircut with Sarah
      June, 03 2015 - leah
Certified Review
I was not happy with the service I received from Taylor on Monday June 1st 2015. I have went to the salon for the past 2 years and have never paid $30 for a flat iron style that was done poorly. I have long hair but the price was never discussed with me as a consultation and if I had not been there in the past 90 says and the price went from $16 then you should communicate that prior to informing the receptionist and making her and me feel really uncomfortable.... I miss the other hairstylist that made third Deminsions a desirable place to come into. I have had a previous experience with another stylist that made me continue to go there but I am very disatified and would actually like my money back. Very disappointed...
Services received :
  • Braid/Flat Iron/Iron Curl starts at with Taylor
      May, 28 2015 - Amber
Certified Review
Alyssa Rowlett does an amazing job!?
Services received :
  • Frost/Color Dazzler with Alyssa

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