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      July, 20 2016 - Cindi
Certified Review
This was my first visit to Third Dimension and Leah took the time to find out exactly how I wanted my hair cut and she did exactly as I asked! She was friendly and knew her stuff! I was thrilled with my cut and the way she styled my hair. I haven't been able to say that about my stylists in at least 2 years! I would recommend Leah to all my friends and family! Thanks for a great experience, Leah!
Services received :
  • Ladies Haircut with Leah
      January, 02 2016 - Faith
Certified Review
Madelyn was fantastic! She was very friendly, engaging, and made sure she knew exactly what I was looking for in a hair cut. She would ask my opinion every step along the way which I really appreciated.
Services received :
  • Ladies Haircut with Madelyn
      June, 09 2015 - erica
Certified Review
The Federal Way location took very good care of me. Anique is a very talented colorist who i would highly recommend. Shayla should learn how to color hair from her.
Shayla did my hair horribly. I wanted and asked for a Balayage and she gave me what turned out to be a dip dye ombre. SO UGLY. At the end of the session, i asked her if she could make the color not so abrupt and only at the ends and she said that it would take her another two hours, so no. It was hideous - all of my girlfriends agreed. I specially asked for my hair to NOT turn out with an orange tint and that's exactly what i left with.. orange hair. I still tipped her nicely even though she did a horrible job. This was the first time i had ever gotten my hair colored professionally and i will never go back to this salon again. I really wish that i didn't tip her because she really didn't deserve it. She didn't consult me enough, and totally ignored my displeasure with the end result.
Services received :
  • Full Foil with Shayla
      March, 15 2015 - Tricia
Certified Review
I will never return to this location again. The hairstylist Katie had an attitude from the beginning of the appointment. She was more concerned about going out partying then doing my hair. She did my highlights then her friend showed up. Her friend went in the back to eat and they started yelling across salon. Her friend changed the radio station so they had a conversation about that. She was upset because she had to go home and change before going out. She asked her friend to buy her Thunderbird tickets and she would buy her drinks. I am assuming my hair got cut. She never showed me or asked me if I liked it. She asked if I wanted my hair straight or curly? She added products to my hair before blow drying never telling me what they were or asking if I wanted them used. I said straight so she blow dried it and said there you go. My hair is naturally wavy I asked her aren't you going to flat iron it, it is wavy not straight. She said no we charge extra for that. Why did she ask me if I wanted my hair straight if she wasn't going to do it? I have never paid for highlights and not had my hair styled as part of the service. I got home and still had dye on my forehead. The worst experience I have ever had getting my hair done.
Services received :
  • Full Foil with Katie
      February, 26 2015 - chris
Certified Review
Had my hair cut with Samantha and I love it. She took the time to ask me what I wanted and then executed to perfection. She gave me tips on products and styling. Will definitely be going back to her in the future.
Services received :
  • Ladies Haircut with Samantha
      December, 26 2014 - Kristen
Certified Review
They are really great about squeezing a walk in to be seen
I received a foil an it didn't look good. It cost me enough out of pocket. I went back to have them fix it and my hair was overly bleached and destroyed. Which then cost me another 150 dollars. After 300 dollars and fried hair, I never went back!!!!! That was a shame because they were the best salon around who performed deep condition treatments, my hair looked stunning and I would tell everyone, but after my hair was destroyed a second time and after I called to explain they didn't care much. I never wanted to go back again. I had to grow out my over bleached hair for it to finally look good again :(
Services received :
  • Bleach & Tone Full with Julie
  • Kpak Deep/Revitaluxe with Julie
  • Bang/Neck Trim with Julie
  • Up Do with Julie
      October, 04 2014 - Kelly
Certified Review
Very comfortable and laid back. Quality salon! Absolutely zero complaints after my first visit!
Services received :
  • Women's Haircut with Tenaya
  • Moisturizer with Tenaya
  • Brow Waxing with Tenaya
      October, 03 2014 - lisa
Certified Review
My stylist was great. However, my color just didn't blend in right to go with the blonde i already had. She was more than willing to try to fix it when i made an appointment to have it looked at but unfortunately i had to pay an additional 30$ for this fix....a few (maybe 4) foils added...as mandated by management?? Even the extra few foils still left me with darker than desired results. The toner seemed to darken it all somehow. So all in all i should have spent the original amount for a full foil service to have it all blend as it should. Will try this for next time but disappointed for now!
Was not happy with the mixed messages i was given from management that it would be a no added charge when i came back to have it touched up to blend. Was treated like i was just out for a freebie by the 1st girls when i stopped in to have it looked at. Other salons would be happy to "fix" something to a customer's satisfaction without charging them again. Especially given the fact that I always buy products & tip well.
Services received :
  • Cost Deduction with Tasha
  • Frost/Color Dazzler with Tasha
  • 17 Foils/Haircut Mon-Wed with Tasha
  • 17 Foils/Haircut Mon-Wed with Tasha
      September, 27 2014 - Elena
Certified Review
Services received :
  • Hair Repair/Olaplex with Lyndsay
      September, 25 2014 - lisa
Certified Review
Thanks Tasha for always delivering great service & quality work!! I will use you as my stylist as long as I live in this area & you are here too!!
Services received :
  • 17 Foils/Haircut Mon-Wed with Tasha

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