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      April, 27 2019
Great salon and friendly staff. Everyone is positive And uplifting and a great place to go if you want a good cut or color!
      April, 12 2019
I went there years ago but stopped because the manager was harassing me to buy products and bullying my stylist. My stylist left and I went with her. She moved away so I thought I would try them again. BIG MISTAKE! I tried to tell the stylist multiple ways what I wanted and she didn’t listen to anything I was saying. She cut my hair her way then started drying my hair, again I said what I wanted multiple ways. After drying my hair she said how do I like it . I was very frustrated at the time and took her comb to show her the angel I want and how much I wanted cut off. I told her I was a hair stylist years ago and I was showing her because she wasn’t getting what I was saying. Her condescending remarks were nothing compared to what she said next. She said great someone telling a hair stylist how to cut hair. I couldn’t believe what came out of her mouth. I was afraid to say anything because she was still cutting my hair needless to say I hate my haircut nothing that I asked for. If you don’t want to be verbally degraded by your stylist stay far away from this place.
      April, 04 2019
Great job as usual
      January, 02 2019 - Jill
Certified Review
Karen did a fabulous job on my hair,I was very pleased
Services received :
  • Vero/Chrome/Illuminate with Karen
      April, 26 2018
This salon has changed so much since the last time I was here. the new manager is amazing and so sweet! not to mention its so clean and the enviorment in the salon now is so fun and happy I defiantly recommend coming here and seeing any of the stylist.
      April, 26 2018
Can I just say the new manager is amazing! the stylist are all great too! I'm so happy I can come here now and feel great walking out! I will be back again!
      March, 10 2018
Rani is the greatest she always knows my styles :)
      February, 22 2018
I aalwyas love coming here , so convenient and cheap .
      December, 21 2017 - Madelyn
Certified Review
I will no longer be coming to the Third Dimension because every time I found someone I liked, they were no longer there. Why such a turnover? Don't you pay them enough?
Services received :
  • Ladies Haircut with Patty
      September, 07 2016
When I called yesterday I talked to a super friendly young lady who set my daughter up with an appointment.
Not only did we get weird looks, but the receptionist from yesterday did not out my daughter in as talked about, so a stylist who looked as though she doesn't really like her job takes my daughter back and informs her that she was going to do a dry cut seeing as how we didn't make an appointment and she was waiting for a client, my daughters hairs looks like crap and she was on the verge of tears and did not want to stay for anyone there to fix the horrible job the previous lady did, we will never ever go back there again. I like going to a place where the staff are nice and willing to take people in no matter what and treat them good.

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