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      December, 25 2014 - gina
Certified Review
I was made to feel welcome and they did a wonderful job on my cut. My stylist was very concerned with my happiness with her work. The highest praise I can give though is to reccommend their services, Ill be a customer for life.
I got nothing!
Services received :
  • 15 Signature Haircut with Brooks
      December, 20 2014 - Kyran
Certified Review
This was my first time seeing Lizze. I have been seeing a stylist elsewhere for years and I've done my own hair as well. Lizze was super cool and has excellent communication skills. I'm generally a really shy person , however she asks leading questions to make sure you're getting exactly what you want and she won't proceed without your approval. Another thing I enjoyed was the feedback and advice she gives about the style you want to insure that you have an awesome cut which compliments your facial structure. Lizze paid attention to details that others may take shortcuts with such as styling tips that are more conducive to your personal hair type. It turned out better than expected and I'd be happy to see her in the future . 10/10
This was the first time I'd seen Lizze but not the first time I've gone to Third Dimension in Port Orchard and each time I've felt there's a lack of professionalism. The stylists sit in the waiting section when they don't have a client and gossip. I have two problems with this . A) There are very few seats in the waiting area and you'd be forced to sit too close for comfort or to stand since they aren't concerned for your comfort . B)I realize that women like to talk when they go to the salon and often confide many things in their stylist , but to be lazing around and engaging in matters that aren't work related in the waiting area is tacky.
Services received :
  • Men's Haircut with Lizze- Elizabeth
      November, 25 2014 - Shawn
Certified Review
Great haircut, great service!!
Services received :
  • 10 Clipper Cut with Robin
      July, 16 2014 - ALISON
Certified Review
I Love Lizzie! She is very receptive and did a great job on my color! She is very easy to talk to and had great suggestions on my hair. I would highly recommend to everyone !! I will continue to go back to her!
Services received :
  • 31 17 Foils/Mon-Wed with Lizze- Elizabeth
      June, 23 2014 - cynthia
Certified Review
Lizz is amazing!!!! What a great asset! Love my hair and look forward to going through my hair transformation with her. Would very much recommend going to this Salon.
Services received :
  • 25 Full Foil with Lizze- Elizabeth
  • 28 Filler/Toner With Color Service with Lizze- Elizabeth
  • Kpak Deep/Intense Hyd/Shampoo Only with Lizze- Elizabeth
      March, 30 2014 - lauren
Certified Review
Fast, friendly and a great wax!
Atmosphere could be updated, but this doesn't reflect on the service I received.
Services received :
  • 50 Brow Waxing with Robin
      March, 08 2014 - Sally
Certified Review
Robin is great. She listened until she understood just what I wanted. And I got it!! Thanks Robin
Services received :
  • 15 Signature Haircut with Robin
      March, 07 2014 - sandi
Certified Review
I always get the best haircut. Yes, you can find cheaper places but you get what you pay for. Happy to have them here in Port Orchard, service is excellent as well as skills
Services received :
  • 15 Signature Haircut with Taliessa
      February, 16 2014 - lori
Certified Review
Bailey was my stylist and was amazing! She made sure my hair looked great.
Services received :
  • 24 Partial Foil 20 foils with Bailey
  • 22 Vero/Chrome/Illuminate with Bailey
      February, 12 2014 - Sabine
Certified Review
Maria has done an amazing job with my hair.Color or cut,she knows exactly what I want.I can't remember a time,when I didn't like my haircut and I have been coming for a few years now.Also the prices are very reasonable.Every time I get my hair done I feel like a million bucks Thank you!Sabine Millhorn Gig Harbor
Services received :
  • 24 Partial Foil 20 foils with Maria-Steph
  • 15 Signature Haircut with Maria-Steph

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