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      September, 21 2014 - MELANIE
Certified Review
Beth is the best!!! Thank you Beth :)
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  • 24 Partial Foil 20 foils with BETH
      September, 01 2014 - Heather
Certified Review
I loved the cut.
Loved the cut. The only thing I would change is that the stylist didn't insult my hair. One of the reasons I avoid salons alltogether is that they stylists think they can just tell me my hair look really dry with a tone in their voice like they are looking down on me...then try to sell me something. Really? Just give me a hair cut and let me bring up my problems.
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  • 15 Ladies Haircut with Sierra
      May, 27 2014 - JOAN
Certified Review
Love my haircut! Stephanie V. is the best!
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  • 15 Ladies Haircut with STEPHANIE
      May, 10 2014 - NICOLE
Certified Review
Stylist are very friendly and wonderful. A+
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  • 98 CPT Other with BETH
  • 98 CPT Other with BETH
      March, 16 2014 - Josh
Certified Review
She new what style I was talking about when I explained to her.
Almost everytime I have left the salon being happy or content, except yesterday. Shelby had cut my hair once before and did very well, so I came to her with a different style to try. I didn't really take in the look until I got home and that's when I was filled with rage. The cut was very lopsided, made my head looked a very weird shape. When I went to wash out the gel to style it a different way I had huge clumps of hair in my hands, I almost thought the gel had a weird reaction with my hair and it was causing it to fall out. But no, we must of not blew all of it off. I wouldn't trust trying a new style or cut to your hair with her again, only conservative cuts. BETH IS BEST.
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  • 10 Gentlemen's Haircut with SHELBY
      February, 27 2014 - Lynn
Certified Review
My experience there was an extremely wonderful and relaxing time. Beth was by far the best hair professional I've ever been too.
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  • 15 Ladies Haircut with BETH

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