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      October, 16 2015 - star
Certified Review
5 stars, Palease! Lets go for 10 stars. Michelle is very knowledgeable, not pushy, and fun to be around type of stylist. She has put her time into my hair that when I seek a change or set a goal with my hair, Michelle is ready to assist me. I would follow her anywhere within the style industry. She is a very positive person and third dimension is so much better with her there to liven the culture.
Your color pricing is to expensive. Need to take a serious look at what you charge for color.
Services received :
  • Ladies Haircut with Michelle
      October, 03 2015 - Shelley
Certified Review
This was my worst haircut there ever. Once I got home and combed my hair again, I realized it wasn't even even! All I wanted was a basic blunt cut and couldn't even have that done right. I have frequented this salon for years. In the past, I had been pleased with my hair cuts here, including with this stylist, who did an excellent job the last time. Another one I liked even better left, and I may try to find her, because the way I feel now, with shaggy cut I'm stuck with until it grows out, I don't think I'll be going back. The Poulsbo shop was better; too bad it closed. Now this one is too busy -- part of the problem. The stylist appeared rushed, needing to get done quickly to be ready for the next appointment, squeezing the burgeoning population in. I had to wait about 20 minutes past my appointment time, then it took the stylist only 10 minutes. Their busy-ness and perhaps other customer's lateness cost me a decent haircut. Service was hurried and impersonal this time. Plus the cost had risen from about $25 to $35 since the last time.
Services received :
  • Ladies Haircut with Ashley
      September, 25 2015 - barbara
Certified Review
Ashley is a very good stylist who listens carefully to what her client wants and then delivers it. She is thoughtful and kind as well. I went to Gene Juarez in Tacoma for twenty years. I tried their salon in Silverdale to avoid driving so far, but didn't find a stylist who understood what I wanted with my hair. Then I found Third Dimension and Ashley. Fantastic! What luck!!
The lobby could be a bit more client focused and comfortable.
Services received :
  • Partial Foil 20 foils with Ashley
      August, 23 2015 - Kathy
Certified Review
very happy
Services received :
  • Vero/Chrome/Illuminate with Krista
  • Bang/Neck Trim with Krista
      August, 21 2015 - Christine
Certified Review
Ashley G. You did an amazing job!! I love the color. I dont notice anthing else. Thank you for your patience with my super thick hair!!
Services received :
  • CPT Other with Alicia
  • Full Foil with Alicia
  • Full Foil with Ashley
      August, 09 2015 - tony
Certified Review
I recently moved and I haven't found a place like this. Krista N is an outstanding stylist. My daughter and I miss that place. A great hair cut for a great price.
Services received :
  • Gentlemen's Haircut with Krista
  • Girls Haircut 12 Under with Krista
      August, 02 2015 - Bonnie
Certified Review
I usually see Ashley but she was busy. So I asked for Krysta. She takes her time Nd always has the ability to hold a great conversation. She is an amazing stylist. Thank you Bonnie Nilsen
Services received :
  • Premier Color Pkg inc cut with Krista
  • Brow Waxing with Krista
      July, 28 2015 - Audra
Certified Review
Ok... so I struggled with this for quite some time now... I don't write negative reviews, was taught that if you don't have anything nice to say than don't say anything at all... but because I continue to receive emails saying that the business misses me, I feel compelled to explain why I've not returned! For starters, the woman who did my cut and style (Krista, I believe her name was) did a beautiful job! Would recommend her any day of the week! However, the company's stand on a few matters SUCKS ! I loved the products that were used in my hair when I was in the store... explained that I have an allergy to products and use medicated shampoos and such. .. was assured that these would not create an issue... "salon quality " and all.... so, in turn I bought the products that were used, to the tune of $100 + tax... however, by the time I got home my head had broken out into blisters... my entire head... I had even scheduled a return visit for more services before i left... needless to say I would not be returning the following week for said service. When I called to cancel appointment and was asked why I was canceling I explained what was wrong and asked to return said products. It was explained to me that I was "stuck" with said offending products because there was a no return policy... that when I bought them was told to give then a try and if I had a reaction or didn't 100% love them to bring them back! The receptionist then took my # and story, told me that when the manager returned she would see to it that she give me a call to see if we could possibly reach a different conclusion. .. that was the 1st week of May 2015. Now July is coming to an end with out so much as a courtesy call... Bad business ... SHAME ON YOU! I have told my story to everyone who has asked about this salon in hopes that they would not get sucked in as I did... unfortunately, I really liked my hair cut and woman who did it, BUT not enough to through good money after bad!
Services received :
  • Ladies Haircut with Krista
      July, 23 2015 - Jenn
Certified Review
Alanna was awesome. I have had a hard time finding someone who is able to give me a decent perm and she did an amazing job! I will definitely be back!!
Services received :
  • Designer Perm Pkg with Alanna
      July, 11 2015 - mary jane
Certified Review
Michelle always does a beautiful job coloring and styling my hair. She listens to my requests and takes the time to explain the products. I am extremely happy to be able to highly recommend Michelle and Third Dimension for top notch service!
Services received :
  • Premier Color Pkg inc cut with Michelle

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